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But what is square dancing ?

The square dance come originally from France, where the people were used to dance "la quadrille". They exported that dance during the colonisation of the Americas and the meeting between that dance and the folkore from Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland gave something typically american : the square dance.

Here are some explanations :

To practice square dancing, you need to be four couples, disposed around an imaginary square. Each couple is along one border of the square, facing inside, and has therefore another couple in front.

Then, the dancers have to do the figures that are called by the M.C., who's called a "Caller". There are several levels, and every time you know a complete set of figures (e.g. MAINSTREAM 70 and PLUS 30 figures more), you're able to go and have a dance with partners from all over the world in the Jamborees that happen every time 'round the earth.

Practicing square dancing is something very funny and what I think is the most powerful plus is that the rules and the figures are the same all over the world... You're from Germany and the others from Great Britain... Don't Worry, you'll still be able to have fun in dancing with them because they'll dance like you.... Incredibly Cosmopolitan huh ?

Links / Liens

Square dance Suisse (www.squaredance.ch)
Line Dancing in Geneva avec Annie Mc Corth !
et le club des "New Country Smokin' Boots" !

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